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Trove of Victorian rubbish found in Greenwich

A collection of Victorian garbage, ranging from champagne bottles to tennis balls, has been found beneath the steps of the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich. The haul is so precisely the kind of domestic junk that any untidy householder shoves into a cupboard before an unexpected visitor, that archaeologists wonder

Everglade tree islands may be ancient rubbish heaps

The tree islands that dot the Florida Everglades may have originally been garbage mounds left behind by prehistoric humans. Scientists have thought for many years that the so-called fixed tree islands (a larger type of tree island frequently found in the Everglades' main channel, Shark River Slough) developed on protrusions from

Abandoned well turns up 19th century artifacts

A water well abandoned in New Zealand 100 years ago found new life as a rubbish tip. Now, archaeologists are digging down through the layers to find all sorts of cool 19th century artifacts. "Within the well they have found all sorts of 19th century remains, artefacts like shoes and tin

19th century New York City was one dirty place

New York City's Sanitation Department's resident anthropologist has been digging back into the city's trashy past. New York City has a reputation in some quarters -- deserved or not -- as a dirty city. Have we gotten any better at cleaning up after ourselves? You have no idea. Going back