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Royal Maya burials found in Guatemala

Two tombs, one on top of the other, containing the remains of Maya royalty have been found in Guatemala. The roughly 2,000-year-old tomb was found underneath another, 1,300-year-old tomb filled with treasures such as jade gorgets—normally used to protect the throat—beads, and ceremonial knives. The upper tomb's corpse had been badly destroyed

Jester god symbol leads to Maya tomb

The image of a "Jester god", a symbol of royalty, has led archaeologists to find the oldest known burial site for a Maya ruler. "We excavated the floor of the building and just dug down until we found a lid," Tomasic says. Under the lid, about 16 inches across, ("just wide

6 People Who Secretly Ruled The World has compiled a list of the men and women behind some of history's most powerful rulers. Hey, remember that Dick Cheney guy? You know, the shadowy old man lurking behind George W. Bush and tugging on the strings that jerkily moved Bush's limbs? He still turns up on Fox News