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Rare Runes Referred to an Ancient Comb Simply As a Comb

Rare Runes Referred to an Ancient Comb Simply As a Comb excavating the ancient market square in the city of Ribe in southwest Jutland, Denmark, have unearthed a comb from around 800 A.D. that is inscribed with the word “comb” written in runes. They also discovered a second runic inscription on a plaque of bone or antler that has yet

Viking rune stone discovered in Sweden

A Viking-era rune stone has been found near the site of a medieval church in Sweden. "The stone is known from before. It was depicted in the 17th century and when the medieval church was torn down in the 19th century we have written records that mention the stone as lost

13th century rune stick found in Denmark

A rune stick dating back to the 13th century has been found in Denmark. "The stick itself had the consistency of cold butter before it was conserved, and some little devil of a root has gouged its way along the inscription on one side, which is a bit upsetting," said Imer. All

Secret Viking code cracked

A runic code called jötunvillur has been decrypted by a runologist from the University of Oslo. “It was very common to use codes. Much of the population mastered them. That’s why I think they were something people picked up at the same time they learned the runic alphabet. If you had

Rune-inscribed comb found in Germany

The oldest engravings of letters ever found in central Germany have been discovered on an ancient deer antler comb. The letters spell out “Kama”, meaning comb, the president of the state Heritage and Archaeology Management Office, Sven Ostritz, said on Thursday. It is the oldest ever example of runic writing to be

Many Viking runes were meaningless

A new study of rune stones shows that many of the carvings were gibberish. The researcher claims that the Vikings who carved them couldn’t write and the people who saw them couldn’t read. ‘What was important was showing that you could write,’ explained researcher Marco Bianchi, who is an expert