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Who would win in a running race: Humans or Neanderthals?

New research has revealed that early humans heels were better suited to endurance running while Neanderthal heels were better suited to long-distance walking. The heel measurements were compared with those of 13 fossil Homo sapiens dated from 30-100,000 years ago and with six Neandertals from around the same period. The researchers’

T-Rex was the fastest predator to walk the earth

New research is dismissing the notion that Tyrannosaurus Rex was a sluggish scavenger. The seven ton reptile, which was 13 feet tall and 40 feet long, was able to outpace any prey due to giant muscles located at the top of its tail. Previously the tail had been thought of

How did ancient man run for long distances?

Ancient humans were endurance runners, but how did they do it without air-cushioned soles? [Thx Tron] The secret might have been to land on the balls of their feet. Daniel Lieberman at Harvard University and colleagues compared the gait of endurance runners in the US and Kenya and found that more than

Real-life Hobbits were poor runners

Analysis of ancient hobbit feet show they had a very different style of walking than that of modern humans. The fossil foot examined for the new study includes hallmarks of upright walking, such as stiffness and the lack of an opposable, thumblike toe for grasping, Harcourt-Smith said. But the foot is flat—it