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Unusually posed burial found in Russia

The remains of a man buried in what appears to resemble a dance pose has been found in Russia’s Far East. The ancient skeleton surprised archeologists because he appeared to be dancing when his grave was opened in Amur region. Archeologist Denis Volkov, 35, said: 'We jokingly nicknamed this skeleton Mikhail. 'He

Remains of Bronze Age couple found in Russia

The 4,500-year-old skeletons of a man and woman holding hands have been found near Lake Baikal in Russia. Experts speculation that this ancient couple are an elderly man and his wife or concubine, buried for eternity in a show of affection. There are some unique aspects to the couple who are

Neanderthal bone fragment found in Denisova Cave

A new technique used to determine a species just by looking at it's bones has identified a Neanderthal bone in Russian Denisova Cave. On discovering that one 2.5 cm-long piece of bone had a clear human fingerprint, Sam Brown said: 'When the ZooMS results showed that there was a human fingerprint

16th-century arsenal found in Russia

A private arsenal has been uncovered in the 16h-century village of Ignatievskoe in Russia. The remains of around 60 village buildings were uncovered during the dig. On the western side of the former village, archaeologists unearthed a building with a very large underground timber-lined storehouse, uncovering the remains of a large

4,500-year-old rattles found in infant burial

A 4,500-year-old infant burial unearthed in Russia has been found, containing rattling toys that may have been used to ward off evil spirits. The intricately carved figurines were likely made from deer antlers and have traces of red paint on them. "Some of [the figurines] have internal cavities and, upon coming

Intact burial of Sarmatian noblewoman found in Russia

Construction of a new airport in Russia has led to the discovery of the 2,000-year-old burial of a Sarmatian noblewoman. A stunning trove of ancient jewellery has been found in the grave of a noble warrior woman dating back to the first century AD. The female fighter was a Sarmatian - a