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Archaeologists search for lost Nubian city

Archaeologists are searching for a lost royal city in the Sahara Desert that was ruled by the kings of Nubia nearly 3,000 years ago. "I'm hoping to come away with a good idea about where the city's remains are and be able to map them as extensively as I can," he

Fish swam across the sahara

10,000 years ago the Sahara was a fertile area, allowing fish to migrate across it. This is giving researchers a possible clue to how early humans migrated across the desert. In their analysis, Drake and his colleagues found evidence that many creatures, including aquatic ones, dispersed across the Sahara recently. For

Dinosaur-eating crocodiles roamed the Sahara 100-million-years-ago

An assortment of crocodiles, including giant ones, lived in the swamps, lakes and rivers of Africa around 100-million-years-ago. The remains were uncovered in the Sahara by Dr Paul Sereno of Chicago University, one of the world's greatest fossil hunters. In 2001 Dr Serno discovered the "supercroc" - an eight ton, 40ft long