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Replica of Bronze Age boat takes to the water

A seven-ton replica of a Bronze Age boat has been launched, paddled by a crew of 19 archaeologists and volunteers. They were not clad in skins and they did not have to paddle for six hours at a stretch, but the experience of taking a replica Bronze Age boat out to

Stone anchor found off Indian coast

An ancient stone anchor has been found Gulf of Kutch in northwestern India and is now giving researchers new clues into Indo-Arab trade. “Ancient stone anchors serve to understand maritime contacts of India with other parts of the world... Arabs sailed the Indian Ocean and used the type of anchors under

Neanderthals knew how to sail

Stone tools found on a few Greek islands suggests that Neanderthals were skilled sailors. Neanderthals lived around the Mediterranean from 300,000 years ago. Their distinctive "Mousterian" stone tools are found on the Greek mainland and, intriguingly, have also been found on the Greek islands of Lefkada, Kefalonia and Zakynthos. That could

Viking sunstone legend may be real

There is an old Viking legend which tells of a glowing stone that could identify the location of the sun on a cloudy day when it was held up to the sky. Now researchers are beginning to wonder if Iceland spar may be that stone. One Icelandic saga describes how, during

Ancient anchors found in Israel

Three ancient anchors, two made of iron and one made of stone, have been found by lifeguards at a Bat Yam city beach south of Tel Aviv. An IAA marine archaeologist confirmed that the find was about 1, 700-1,400 years old, belonging to the Byzantine era. The anchor's surprisingly well preserved state

What it was like in Nelson’s navy (spoilers: not great)

An examination of 340 skeletons has revealed what it was like to be a sailor in Nelson's navy. It was pretty grim. The bones, excavated from sites in Greenwich, Gosport and Plymouth, also found that more than six per cent of sailors in Nelson's navy, were amputees, many of whom died

Vikings navigated the seas with sunstone crystals

Vikings may have navigated the seas in bad weather by using a "sunstone" crystal which could pinpoint the sun's location behind clouds and fog. In the 1960s, Danish archaeologist Thorkild Ramskou suggested that the Vikings used a sunstone to filter the sunlight so that it all had the same polarization, or

Mediterranean shipwreck sheds light on ancient trade

A 4th century wreck found in the Mediterranean is shedding light on ancient sea routes and trade. The remains of a merchant vessel, full of amphoras that probably had been filled with wine, were discovered in 2006 on the seafloor south of the island of Cyprus. A team has been