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Islamic militants burn UNESCO World Heritage Site

An Islamic militant group with ties to al-Qaeda have burned a saints tomb in Timbuktu. Witnesses who went to pray at the tomb before the weekend said that a member of the Ansar Dine group on Friday tore off the doors of the tomb and set fire to it. “A new member

Patron saint of genital disease’s severed head for sale

The perfect gift for someone who has it all: the severed head of the patron said of genital disease is set to hit the auction block this weekend. The skull is allegedly that of St Vitalis of Assisi, an Italian Benedictine monk from the 14th century. It belonged to an Anglo-Irish family

Remains of early Christian saints found in Italy

The remains of two early Christian saints, Chrysanthus and Daria, may have been found in Italy. Analysis of the skeletons—sealed off for centuries in an Italian cathedral until recently—seems to support the legend of Chrysanthus and Daria, who are said to have been persecuted in the city of Rome for being

13th century Saint Rose of Viterbo died of a heart defect

An anlysis of the mummified heart of the Italian Saint Rose of Viterbo shows she died of a heart defect. For thousands of Catholics, the 13th-century Italian Saint Rose of Viterbo had miraculous powers that allowed her to raise someone from the dead and survive the flames of a burning