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American WWII artifacts sound on Salisbury Plain

Items left behind my American troops who were training for the invasion into Nazi-occupied Europe have been found on Salisbury Plain. Among the finds were tins of cooking oil, bottles of sauce and "even what appeared to be a block of lard". A group spokeswoman said: "The state of preservation of the

Anglo-saxon graves uncovered on Salisbury Plain

75 Anglo-Saxon graves have been discovered during an excavation at Barrow Clump, on Salisbury Plain. A surprising Anglo-Saxon burial, found in a crouched position, a range of weapons, including spearheads and shield bosses, and the fourth example of a brooch-bearing woman were among the highlights during five weeks of investigations at

Crashed WWII Spitfire excavated from Salisbury Plain

A Spitfire airplane shot down in 1940 is being dug up on Salisbury Plain in England. "It was on 27 October 1940 that my father was brought down by enemy aircraft near Upavon. "This was a particularly worrying time for my mother who was expecting me to be born in the March

Injured Afghanistan soldiers uncover 1,400-year-old warrior

A group of soldiers injured during the war in Afghanistan have been working at a rehabilitation project on Salisbury Plain helping archaeologists uncover the remains of a 1,400-year-old Anglo-Saxon warrior. Led by the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) and the Army, partners from Wessex Archaeology were astonished by the haul. Operation Nightingale

Neolithic henge found near Stonehenge

A new "henge" has been found 3,000 feet away from Stonehenge. The new "henge" - which means a circular monument dating to Neolithic and Bronze Ages - is situated about 900m (2,950ft) from the giant stones on Salisbury Plain. Images show it has two entrances on the north-east and south-west