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How salt was made 2,000 years ago

Here is a cool video from the BBC explaining how salt was made 2,000 years ago in Lincolnshire. Archaeologists have been unearthing the story of a 2,000-year-old salt making site on the Lincolnshire fens. Artefacts such as pottery, hair pins and tools have been found by volunteers at Willow Tree Fen, near

Living bacteria found in 34,000-year-old salt crystals

Scientists performing research in Death Valley have found living bacteria sealed inside 34,000-year-old salt crystals. The 34,000-year-old crystals have “permanently sealed” the organisms inside “like little time capsules,” Tim Lowenstien, a professor in the geology department at Binghamton University told the OurAmazingPlanet. Brian Schubert, who discovered the eons-old organisms, told the website,

Scientists revive ancient bacteria

Scientists have successfully revived ancient bacteria trapped in salt crystals for thousands of years. Lowenstein's team, which has been pursuing this problem for years, began by examining the fluid inclusions under a microscope. "Not only did we find bacteria, we found several types of algae as well," he said. "The