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Sunken ship found in San Francisco Bay

The remains of the SS City of Chester which sank in 1888 has been found by a NOAA surveying team. The City of Chester was headed up the California coast to Eureka with 90 passengers on Aug. 22, 1888, when it was struck by the steamer Oceanic about 10 a.m. Impaled on

San Francisco WWII gun battery restored

A WWII-era gun battery that once guarded San Francisco Bay has been restored. The Army built Battery Townsley into a Marin County hillside more than 70 years ago to house weapons that could lob 2-ton shells 25 miles. The series of underground tunnels and concrete gun emplacements became an underground party

Two 19th-century ships found buried in San Francisco construction site

Engineers drilling in San Francisco's Candlestick Park uncovered two 90-foot scow schooners which date back to the 19th century. Buried under more than 14 feet of sand and fill dirt, the 45-foot-long hull sections came to light at the mouth of an enormous trench that will house a new overflow sewage

Remnants of Gold Rush village found beneath downtown San Francisco

Evidence of a 19th century village, including dollars, a tent, tableware, and lots of liquor bottles, has been found underneath a parking lot in downtown San Francisco. Underneath the asphalt, archeologists rummaged through what used to be shopkeepers’ and entrepreneurs’ homes that once sat between two enormous sand dunes. “This working class