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2,500-year-old sarcophagus unearthed in Turkey

A sarcophagus containing the remains of two people has been found in the ancient Greek city of Antandrus in Turkey. "The bones most probably belonged to the people from the same family" Polat said. The researchers also discovered an ancient bowl imported from Athens, two clay amphorae, and two strigils (a tool,

Sarcophagus and mummy found in Egypt

A mummy an sarcophagus has been found in a tomb near Luxor in Egypt. The remains were found in a tomb probably dating from between 1075BC and 664BC on the west bank of the Nile, 435 miles (700km) south of Cairo, a statement said. Sarcophagus The mummy, bound with linen stuck together with

Mummified remains of miscarried baby found in miniature sarcophagus

Egyptologists have CT-scanned a miniature cedar sarcophagus discovered in Giza in 1907. The care with which the foetus was mummified and interred in the miniature coffin - with its arms crossed protectively over its chest - betrays the devastation felt by its parents, who took great pains to ensure its journey

Wooden sarcophagus unearthed in Egypt

A wooden sarcophagus dating back 3,600 years has been found in Luxor, Egypt. The sarcophagus is important for the detailed depictions of bird feather shapes and sizes painted on its lid, motifs that have earned it the title of Feathers Sarcophagi, according to Egypt's antiquities minister Mohamed Ibrahim. The 2 metre long,

Anglo-Saxon sarcophagus opened after 1,000 years

An intact Anglo-Saxon sarcophagus has been opened, revealing the remains of a wrapped body wearing leather boots. "The first step was to take a 3D scan of the coffin itself," says Mary Powell, the programme manager for the Heritage Lottery Fund-backed Lincoln Castle Revealed project, which will eventually lead to a

Examination of female mummy reveals she is actually a he

Researchers in Croatia have discovered that a 2,300-year-old mummy they thought belonged to an Egyptian woman named Kareset actually contains the body of a man who died 600 years earlier. Around 2,900 years ago, an ancient Egyptian man, likely in his 20s, passed away after suffering from a rare, cancerlike disease

Turkey claims ownership of sarcophagus

An inventory check conducted by Swiss customs officials turned up an ancient sarcophagus. Now Turkey is claiming ownership. The Journal des Arts stated that since the Swiss law on customs was reinforced in 2009 – following the discovery of 200 ancient Egyptian pieces in 2003 and the updated trafficking of diamonds