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Google Earth used to identify nearly 2,000 archaeological sites

With the help of Google Earth's satellite imagery, archaeologists have identified nearly 2,000 sites of interest. Google Earth has revealed 1977 potential archaeological sites, including 1082 "pendants" - ancient tear-drop shaped tombs made of stone, in Saudi Arabia. "It's not the easiest country to break into," New Scientist quoted David Kennedy from

Pharaonic inscription found in Saudi Arabia

An ancient hieroglyphic inscription bearing the name of Ramses III has been found near the oasis of Tayma, making it the first such inscription found in Saudi Arabia. "The rock was bearing an inscription of King Ramses III, one of the kings who ruled ancient Egypt from 1192 1160

7th century village found in Saudi Arabia

A village dating back to the 7th century has been fuond in Saudi Arabia near the Arabian Gulf. “This is an elaborate village compound. So far, we have discovered about 20 houses. We hope to discover more. These are separate houses, and each house has four to five rooms. What is