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Fossil found of dinosaur caught in collapsing sand dune

The nearly complete fossil remains of a sauropod has been found. Evidence shows that the dinosaur died after being caught in a collapsing sand dune. Much of the fossil, first discovered by a local artist in 2004, was perfectly preserved in sandstone. However, it is missing its head, neck and

195-million-year-old dinosaur found in South Africa

A newly discovered dinosaurs in South Africa is shedding like into how sauropods got so big. Dubbed Aardonyx celestae, the 195-million-year-old dinosaur had a lot of sauropod-like features, such as a robust skeleton for holding up its heft. (See extreme dinosaur pictures.) Unlike sauropods, though, the newfound species walked on two legs

Dinosaurs held heads higher than previously thought

Paleontologists have reshaped the sauropod's resting pose after studying the skeletons of living vertebrates. "The diplodocus in the main hall vestibule of the Natural History Museum is in a perfectly good posture," he told BBC News. "It's one within a whole range of movement that would have been entirely possible." But, after