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Face of saxon man reconstructed

Forensic experts have recreated the face of a Saxon man who lived between 1035 - 1070 A.D. “Osteological analysis identified the skeleton as that of a man aged between 36 and 45 years old. He had suffered from a range of degenerative bone diseases suggesting an active and strenuous lifestyle. His

Early medieval butter churner lid unearthed in England

A lid to a Saxon butter churner which dates back between 715-890 A.D. has been unearthed during construction in Staffordshire, England. She said: "During this period this part of Staffordshire was part of the Mercian heartland and was populated by a pagan tribe called the Pencersaete. "Existing knowledge of this period for

Remains of Saxon child found at Hereford Cathedral

The remains of a Saxon child between the ages of 10-12 have been unearthed at Hereford Cathedral in England. "The child seems to have been a very poorly young person but was buried with dignity." The excavations also revealed a possible Saxon Palace built near the cathedral between 850 and 950AD. After the

Saxon burial ground found under pub parking lot

Nine Saxon graves have been found underneath the parking lot of a village pub in Haddenham, England. At the start of the month, Pre-Construct Archaeology was invited to excavate a small site in the car park of the Three Kings pub, at the heart of the village, before developers moved on

Saxon remains found at Lincoln Castle

A limestone sarcophagus containing a Saxon skeleton has been found at Lincoln Castle in Lincoln, England. Its sarcophagus has not yet been opened but an endoscopy revealed the remains were buried alongside other objects, such as gold. Mary Powell, from Lincoln Castle, said: "We think it's somebody terribly important, possibly a bishop

Saxon burial ground found underneath English home

A Saxon burial gruond has been found underneath the home of a couple in Warwickshire. Stephen and Nicky West were having their home redeveloped when one of the builders unearthed the remains. Mr West said: "There was a tap on the door and the builder said 'Stephen, I think there's something you