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Coffins unearthed at school in Scotland

Burials dating back between the 15th-17th centuries have been unearthed at a primary school in Scotland. John Lawson, archaeologist at the city council said, said: “These excavations have unearthed what appears to be a complex cemetery thought to date from the 15th to the 17th centuries, containing at least nine graves

Roman skeletons found in school grounds

The remains of two adults Romans have been found during construction at a primary school in Worcestershire. The adult female, aged over 50, was found with hobnails, which are associated with rural Roman agricultural burials. The other was an adult male, aged 25 to 30 who had signs of degenerative joints and

Archaeologists map gladiatorial school

A team of archaeologists have used noninvasive technologies to map a gladiatorial school in Austria that dates back to the 2nd century. "It was a prison; they were prisoners," says Wolfgang Neubauer, an archaeologist at Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Archaeological Prospection and Virtual Archaeology who led the study team. "They lived

Roman-era school uncovered in Egypt

A school dating back 1,700 years has been found in Egypt's Dakhla Oasis. The school — which contains benches that students could sit on to read, or stand on and write on the walls — dates back to a time when the Roman Empire controlled Egypt, and Greek was widely spoken. In

More information on Roman gladiator school in Austria

Last week I posted about the discovery of a gladiator school in Austria. Now more information on this exciting find has been released. They lived in cells barely big enough to turn around in and usually fought until they died. This was the lot of those at a sensational scientific discovery

Ancient Greek to be taught in English schools

Ancient Greek is set to be taught in three schools in England in an attempt to boost children's language skills. Lorna Robinson, charity director, who will be teaching the one-hour lessons every two weeks, told the Times Education Supplement: “People can be daunted at the idea of learning a language

1792 document found in 4th grade classroom

A teacher cleaning her 4th-grade classroom has discovered a yellowed document dating back to 1792 in a pile of outdated textbooks. Michelle Eugenio, a fourth-grade teacher in Peabody, Mass., found the yellowed sheet of paper two weeks ago. Dated April 1792 and protected by plastic, it appears to document the

Ancient Buddhist study centre found in India

An ancient Buddhist study centre has been found in Bihar, India. Preliminary excavation at the site has led to the discovery of pottery and images belonging to Gupta period (5CE) to the later Pala period (9-10 CE). “Digging has also revealed that a 34-metre-long floor lined by a number of