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Tooth from extinct seal found at Florida site

A tooth from an extinct Caribbean monk seal has been found at a prehistoric site in Florida. Discovery of the tooth is the first evidence of the seal found in the area. Its presence is an indicator that the seal was hunted by prehistorical people. The United States’ last recorded sighting of

3,700-year-old Egyptian seal found at Tel Dor

An Egyptian seal believed to have belonged to an official from the Thirteenth Dynasty has been found at Tel Dor in Israel. The amulet was found by a birdwatcher, who gave it to university archaeologists on site. The object was exposed after heavy rains last winter. The seal is believed to have

Ancient Egyptian seal found in Israel

An Egyptian seal which dates back 3,500 years has been found in the Lower Galilee. While on a hiking trip with his children at the Karnei Hittin historic site, Amit Haklai noticed a conspicuous, white object amidst the black basalt rocks. On closer inspection, Haklai noticed that it was carved in

5,000-year-old seal is oldest musical image in Israel

The impression made by a 5,000-year-old seal is the oldest known musical image found in Israel. Archaeologists now believe the scene shows the musical part of a ritual dating back 5,000 years, of the "sacred marriage" between the Mesopotamian king and a goddess, whose role would have been played by a

Six 10th century B.C. clay seals unearthed at Khirbet Summeily

Six clay seals have been discovered at the early Iron Age site of Khirbet Summeily in southern Israel. Six official clay seals found by a Mississippi State University archaeological team at a small site in Israel offer evidence that supports the existence of biblical kings David and Solomon. Many modern scholars dismiss

Crusade-era seal found in Jerusalem

A rare 800-year-old lead seal stamped by the Monastery of St. Sabas has been found in Jerusalem. This is an extraordinarily rare find because no such seal has ever been discovered to date,” the archeologists said in a joint statement. “Also, the object possibly contributes important historical information about the surroundings

4,000-year-old seal and weight found in India

A seal and weight dating back 4,000 years has been found at a Harappan-period site in India. Maintaining that the discovery ‘confirms’ that the site belongs to the mature Harappan period, the time when the civilization was at its peak (2600 BC to 1900 BC), he said: “A cubicle chert weight

Ancient seals found temple of Jupiter Dolichenus

Over 600 stamp and cylinder seals have been found at the temple of Jupiter Dolichenus in Turkey. Classical scholars from the Cluster of Excellence “Religion and Politics” made an unusually large find of seals in an ancient sanctuary in Turkey. They discovered more than 600 stamp seals and cylinder seals at