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Farm firm destroys medieval settlement in Russia

A farm firm in Russia has destroyed the medieval settlement of Rostislavl during an earthworks project. The archeologists addressed representatives of the farm firm with an explanation that these works had caused an irreparable damage to the cultural heritage of Russia, but met no understanding. As a result, the earthworks still

700-year-old Inuit village found in Alaska

Archaeologists are racing to excavate a 700-year-old Inuit settlement before the quickly eroding Bering Sea coast erases it forever. At the 700-year-old site near the village of Quinhagak - called Nunalleq or Yup'ik for "old village site" - workers have discovered dozens of sod homes just under the tundra.

Ancient oasis settlement found in Egypt

The 3,500-year-old remains of a settlement have been found by an oasis in Egypt, revealing evidence of desert trade routes during the early days of the Egyptian civilization. The settlement at Umm el-Mawagir in Egypt's Kharga Oasis, more than 300 miles (500 kilometres) south of Cairo, has been excavated for

Ancient Egyptian settlement found in Kharga Oasis

A substantial Egyptian settlement has been found in Kharga Oasis, Egypt. Minister of Culture, Farouk Hosny, announced that the settlement is dated to the Second Intermediate Period (ca.1650-1550 BC) and was discovered during excavation work as part of the Theban Desert Road Survey. This project serves to investigate and map

Remains of Roman settlement spotted by plane

Aerial photos taken by a police surveillance plan have revealed the location of an ancient Roman settlement in Italy. Archaeologists say the site could be part of the mysterious city of Pausulae. The city is described by 1st century AD historian Pliny The Elder, and is believed to date from

1,400-year-old Native American village found in Illinois

A Native American settlement which dates back 1,400 years has been found south of Jerseyville, Illinois. The archaeologists believe they have a village dating back to about A.D. 600, as well as archaeological deposits going back 4,000 to 5,000 years; also, on the east side of the highway, the archaeologists

12,000-year-old settlement found in New Hampshire

A 12,000-year-old settlement has been found in Keene, New Hampshire. Goodby is leading a team of archeologists excavating four areas on the site of the new Middle School. The site in only one of two this old known in Cheshire County -- the other was discovered in the late 1970s

Islamic settlement uncovered in Qatar

An Islamic settlement, buried for 125 years, has been uncovered in Qatar. Dr Andrew Petersen first became aware of a possible settlement after finding masonry and pottery at Ras Al-Sharig in Qatar. He thought something might be there after reading sources naming a town called Rubayqa. "But we certainly weren't