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Sewer work in England reveals Roman mosaic floor

Sewer engineers repairing a Victorian sewer in York, England, have uncovered a Roman mosaic. “It’s a very interesting site, helping us to understand the extent of Roman activity in the area. Part of a mosaic showing a bull with a fish tail was discovered in this area of Toft Green during

Part of Persepolis sewage system uncovered

20 meters of canal making up the ancient sewer system of Persepolis has been uncovered in southern Iran. The sewage system is located in the southwest of the Achaemenid city near the city of Shiraz. The team dug down about five meters to reach the canal, Asadi said. A number of stone bas-reliefs

Sewage work reveals Phoenician tombs

Sewage workers in Cyprus have unearthed two ancient Phoenician tombs which date back to the 4th and 6th centuries, B.C. According to archaeologists that arrived at the excavation site, the tombs might present an extension of the ancient carved tomb, known as catacomb, which is also dated in the 4th century

18th century smuggler’s tunnel unearthed in Hastings

Sewer workers in Hastings, England, have stumbled across a smuggler's tunnel which dates back to the 1700s. Work was immediately stopped and experts from Archaeology South-East were called in and confirmed the find was likely to be a smugglers’ tunnel built in the early 18th Century and used to smuggle goods

Dinosaur bones found in sewer

A cache of dinosaur bones have been found during the construction of a sewer in Edmonton, Alberta. "Any find like this at a new location adds information to our growing data set," said Mr Neuman. "It expands our central knowledge of dinosaurs in Alberta." "One of the things that makes

Native American artifacts halt sewer construction in Rhode Island

The discovery of Native American artifacts dating back thousand of years has stalled sewer construction in Rhode Island. Archaeologists retained by the Warwick Sewer Authority have been unearthing a variety of artifacts in test trenches for more than three years and recently issued a report stating that the Mill Cove area