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Shaman figure found guarding shaft tomb in Mexico

A 1,500-year-old shaman sculpture holding a weapon has been found guarding the entrance of a crypt in Villa de Alverez, Mexico. It is unusual to find one of the statues intact as many have fallen victim to tomb raiders over the centuries. The sculpture has a long face and holds a weapon

Ancient shaman’s stone collection found in Panama

Archaeologists believe that a collection of 12 stones found in a 5,000-year-old rick shelter in Panama may have belonged to an ancient shaman. The collection, which included translucent quartz, pyrite, magnetic rocks and bladed tools, was likely used in shamanic rituals because of how closely together they were packed, Dickau told

Tiny clay face may have been shaman’s effigy

The discovery of an ancient clay face in Pennsylvania is prompting discussion on who made it and what it was for. The head, which was discovered near Ebbert Spring in Franklin Country, Penn., has shells for eyes and tiny holes across its top and sides that may have been used for