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16th century galleon to be reconstructed

A team of Spanish maritime heritage experts are planning to reconstruct the oldest shipwreck ever found in Canada: a 16th-century Basque whaling galleon. Parks Canada underwater archeologists, who discovered the 250-tonne San Juan in 1978 after following documented clues about a lost galleon traced by federal archivist Selma Barkham, will meet

Medieval shipwreck found in Danube River

Archaeologists in Hungary have found an intact medieval ship in the Danube River. "Only a few river ships of this kind have been found in Europe," Attila J. Tóth, associate of the National Office of Cultural Heritage, told Discovery News. The ship most likely sank because of an accident. "River navigation was dangerous.

Remains of two whaling ships found in Australia

The remains of two nineteenth century whaling ships have been found in Western Australia. The joint project between the City of Bunbury and Museum of Western Australia has attracted a number of specialists from around the nation to assist in the dig for the 1800s whaling ships. WA Museum Department of Maritime

200-year-old “ship’s knee” found in river

A piece of a ship believe to have come from a boat which ran aground 200 years ago has been found in the Connecticut River. The historical object was discovered this past summer while the state Department of Environmental Protection was dragging nets for sturgeon research on the Connecticut River just

Survey of Hawaiian WWII wrecks completed

Researchers in Hawaii have completed a survey of sunken WWII-era planes and shipwrecks which dot the ocean floor along Maui's southern coast. “The wrecks along the coast are like windows into the past and they remind us of the sacrifices made during World War II,” said Hans Van Tilburg, NOAA maritime

Spanish Armada wreck found off coast of Ireland

The wreckage of a ship believed to have been part of the Spanish Armada has been found off Ireland's Donegal coast. [Heritage minister Jimmy Deenihan] said the discovery was a major find of significance not only to Ireland but also to the international archaeological, historical and maritime communities. "If, in fact, it

Captain Morgan’s lost ships found?

Divers off the coast of Panama have found what they believe are traces of five ships that Henry Morgan lost in 1671. In 1671, Morgan aimed to weaken Spain's control of the Caribbean by sacking Panama City, and the first step was to capture Castillo de San Lorenzo, a Spanish fort

Roman ships had on-board fish tanks

A piece of lead piping found in the hull of a Roman shipwreck may be part of a pumping system for keeping fish alive on board. Historians have assumed that in ancient times fresh fish were eaten close to where they were caught, because without refrigeration they would have rotted during