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9th century statue of Shiva found in Kashmir

A statue of the Hindu god Shiva which dates back to the 9th century A.D. has been found in southern Kashmir. The department experts investigating the discovery have described it a big achievement in field of Kashmir sculpture history. The sculpture has been identified as Lord Shiva, shown wearing three peaked

Sacred statue uncovered at ancient Hindu temple

A statue of Nandi, the sacred bull that carried the Hindu god Shiva, has been unearthed at an ancient temple in Indonesia. Indung Panca Putra, the head of the excavation team from the Yogyakarta Antiquities and Relics Conservation Agency, said the discovery of the statue, which in Hindu mythology is said

Thailand returns 7 ancient treasures to Cambodia

Thailand has returned seven treasures from Cambodia's Golden Age as the countries pledge to prevent further smuggling. The statues from the 12th century Angkorian era, including six heads of the Hindu god Shiva, were handed to Cambodian officials during an official one-day visit by Thai Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva. Thai authorities