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Human remains and coins found at Pompeii shop

The remains of four individuals as well as several gold coins have been found during excavations at a shop on the outskirts of Pompeii. The skeletons are those of young people, including an adolescent girl, who perished in the back of the shop near the ancient Roman town when Mount Vesuvius

Leopard fresco found on wall of 3rd-century shop

A fresco depicting a leopard has been found on the wall of a 3rd-century shop unearthed in the ancient city of Tripolis in Turkey. “We know that the walls of the important buildings in the Roman era were covered with frescoes. We found one of the examples of it. There are

Remains of Roman shop found near Hadrian’s Wall

The remains of six buildings, including what is believed to be a shop, have been uncovered during a dig at Roman Maryport near Hadrian's Wall. "The reason we think it may have been a shop is the fact there isn't a stone wall at the end facing the road. Instead, there