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Giant shrimp with ultra-vision was first top predator

A fossil of an Anomalocaris (which means "strange shrimp") has been found with exceptionally well-preserved eyes. [Thx Catherine!] The eyes were on stalks on the strange shrimp's head, and each was 2 to 3 centimetres across – about the size of an olive. They were covered with lenses, each 70 to 110

Extinct giant carnivorous shrimp not so dangerous

A giant carnivourous shrimp, Anomalocaris canadensis,  which lived 500-million-years ago, and was thought to crunch through the hard shells of trilobites, didn't have any teeth and couldn't even close it's jaws. "It's because folks thought it was big, and people thought its mouth looked very fierce, and there was lots of

Shrimp is world’s oldest unchanged animal

Fossil evidence shows that the tadpole shrimp is one of the world's oldest unchanged animals, remaining virtually the same for 200 million years. Fossil finds show that the shrimp is virtually the same today as it was 200 million years ago, when the first dinosaurs evolved.The shrimps are adapted to