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Shrine to Viking King found in Norway

Archaeologists have unearthed the wooden foundations of a church where the body of King Olaf Haraldsson was taken in 1031 after he was canonized as a saint. The site is in Trondheim, where Olaf was buried after his death in battle. After locals began circulating stories about miracles credited to the

The Met buys artifact from collector to return it to Egypt

New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art has purchased part of an ancient Egyptian shrine from an antiquities collector for the sole purpose of returning it to Egypt. SCA head Zahi Hawass hailed the Met's move as a "great deed," singling it out as the first time a museum has bought an

Shrine to Roman god uncovered at Hadrian’s Wall

A religious shrine to a Roman god has been unconvered at a fort along Hadrian's Wall in England. The altar dedicated to Jupiter of Doliche has been discovered next to the north gate of Vindolanda in Northumberland. Director of excavations Andrew Birley said: “What should have been part of the rampart mound