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Bronze Age Children’s Toys Found in Southern Siberia

Bronze Age Children's Toys Found in Southern Siberia

Bronze Age Children's Toys Found in Southern SiberiaArchaeologists excavating the Bronze Age burial ground of Itkol II in the Republic of Khakassia, southern Siberia, have unearthed two children’s toys from the Okunev culture. They’re the heads of figurines. One is a soapstone cylindrical piece about two inches long with finely

Evidence of dog domestication found in Siberia

New evidence reveals that dogs may have been bred and domesticated in the Siberian Arctic 9,000 years ago. he hunter-gatherers of Zhokhov Island were a hardy folk. Nine thousand years ago, they survived frigid year-round temperatures in animal-skin tents some 500 kilometers north of what is now the Russian mainland, and

Reindeer antler Armour found in Siberian

Plates of Armour made from reindeer antlers have been found at an archaeological site in northwestern Siberia. Ceremonial suit was embellished with decorations and left as a sacrifice for the gods by ancient bear cult polar people, say archeologists. The discovery is the oldest evidence of armour found in the north of

Unusual medieval burials found in Siberia

Unusual burials of three crouched individuals dating back to the 11th century have been found in Siberia. Unique crouched burials for this period - comprising seriously ill quartet - presents archeologists with a puzzle. The find of four graves from the 11th century site Yur-Yakha III are unlike anything else seen from

26th-century roasted turnip found in Siberia

An excavation of a house in southwestern Siberia has led to the discovery of a 16th-century roasted turnip. The turnip, pictured here, was ready for cooking in a large clay pot when the log house caught fire and was quickly destroyed in flames, say archeologists. Yet the meal was preserved, and nearby

Birch bark quiver found in Siberia

A birch bark quiver has been found in a cliff in Siberia along with arrow shafts, arrow heads and a wooden coffin. Two local residents accidentally stumbled across the burial site, close to the village of Kokorya, which contains the bones of an adult man, his birch bark quiver, arrow shafts

Ancient child’s rattle discovered in Siberia

A 4,000-year-old rattle has been unearthed at a Bronze Age settlement in Siberia. The remarkable discovery of one of the oldest toys in the world came from excavations at a Bronze Age settlement in modern-day Novosibrirsk region. Inside it - and it remains sealed - are little stones 'that make a jingling

2,000-year-old canine burials found in Siberia

The remains of five dogs buried 2,000 years ago have been found in Siberia. The dogs were likely involved in various tasks in the ancient Arctic village, including pulling sleds, he said. The remains of two sleds, as well as a carved bone knife handle thought to depict a sled dog