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Ancient Sican tombs found in Peru

35 Sican tombs dating back 1,000 years have been found at an ancient cemetery in Peru. The tombs -containing skeletal remains, ceramics, textiles and gold-plated copper pieces- are thought to be of a pre-hispanic Sican descent. Last December, just after Christmas, workers involved in the Olmos irrigation project found 12 other tombs

900-year-old Sican tomb found in Peru

An ancient Sican tomb belonging to an elite figure has been found in northern Peru. "We have been digging since last February and in the zone we called the Palace, a chamber had been detected and that led to the discovery of the tomb of someone very important of the Lambayeque

1200-year-old royal tomb found in Peru

The tomb of a Sican ruler which dates back 1,200 years, has been found in the Las Ventanas archaeological zone in Peru. One of the most interesting objects found is a bottle representing the funerary bundle that it accompanies, since both are facing toward the southwest corner of the temple, which

Peruvian child sacrifices result of social inequality

New evidence has been found which suggests that the Muchik ethnic group in Peru exercised child sacrifice to solidify their cultural identify in an area dominated by another ethnic group, the Sicán. To investigate the role of ritual sacrifice in the Middle Sicán period, researchers examined 81 skeletons at the

Sican officials tomb unearthed in Peru

A 1,200-year-old tomb belonging to a high-ranking official of the Sican culture has been unearthed in Peru. A team co-led by Peruvian archaeologist Carlos del Carpio found the tomb, along with many burial artifacts, about 1,500 meters west of the Lord of Sican's tomb in Huaca Las Ventanas archaeological site,