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Vikings traded for Persian silk

Silk fragments found in a burial mound suggest trade networks existed between the Norwegian Vikings and Persians. In the Oseberg ship, which was excavated nearly a hundred years ago, more than one hundred small silk fragments were found. This is the oldest find of Viking Age silk in Norway. At the time

New technique developed to date silk

Researchers have developed a fast and reliable way to date silk. This new technique, which is based on capillary electrophoresis mass spectrometry, has great potential to improve the authentication and dating of the priceless silk artifacts held in museum and other collections around the world. The new method uses the natural deterioration

Silk cloth from 2nd century A.D. found

A piece of silk cloth which dates back to the 2nd century A.D. has been found in Sri Lanka. The piece of silk cloth was excavated from an ancient Buddhist pagoda, Kotavehera Stupa at Daliwala in Rambukkana of Kegalle district. Tests conducted by an Australian archeological expert has proven that the piece