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The wonderful imaginings of Alexander Graham Bell

The Library of Congress has digitized and made available online Alexander Graham Bell's sketchbook of ideas. Above is a sketch of his telephone system. The books are a priceless treasure of an incredibly fertile mind working through one of the most exciting periods of technological innovation in the history of the

Sketch of poet William Wordsworth found

A drawing kept in a provincial British museum has been found to be an image of the poet William Wordsworth. The drawing belonging to the Royal Albert Memorial Museum (RAMM) in Exeter, Devon, was being formatted for inclusion on the museum's website when the curator of art, John Madin, noticed the

Michelangelo’s margin notes

The Telegraph has posted an interesting piece about the insights into Michelangelo that can be gleaned from his sketchbook margin notes. The Renaissance artist is best known for great works such as the statue of David and the Sistine Chapel ceiling but he also left behind around 600 cartoons and drawings. The

Sketches by Adolf Hitler up for sale

Drawings that Adolf Hitler submitted as part of his application to the Vienna Academy of Art are set to hit the auction block. "They look quite typical of an aspiring student hoping to get into art school - tentative and not very certain about his perspective when he's using pencil