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Traces of iron helmet found beneath skull in Japan

Last year the body of a man wearing armour was found in Maebashi, Japan. Now researchers who have been investigating the site have announced they have also found trances of an iron helmet beneath the deceased man’s facial bones. “It is highly possible that this is a helmet that was actually

131-year-old murder mystery solved in David Attenborough’s garden

The skull of Julia Martha Thomas, murdered by her maid in 1879, has been found in Sir David Attenborough's backyard during construction of an extension for his house in London. Police believe the head is that of Julia Martha Thomas, a widow in her fifties who was killed by her

Australopithecus sediba skull may contain shrunken brain

A shrunken mummified brain may be contained within the fossilized skull of the newly discovered Australopithecus sediba. Soft parts of the body normally do not fossilize. Still, an extended low-density area in the rock still inside the skull could suggest brain tissue after bacterial decay."We saw this cavity near the

Steak dinners go back 2.5 million years

The discovery of a 2.5 million-year-old fossil of a bull's skull may show taht beef has been on the dinner menu for a long, long time. The discovery of a new "missing link" species of bull dating to a million years ago in Eritrea pushes back the beef steak dinner to

Mongolian tomb contains skeleton of western man

A 2,000-year-old tomb found in eastern Mongolia contains the remains of a man of multi-ethnic heritage. Dead men can indeed tell tales, but they speak in a whispered double helix. Consider an older gentleman whose skeleton lay in one of more than 200 tombs recently excavated at a 2,000-year-old cemetery in eastern

Pirate’s skull stolen from German museum

A nail-pierced skull belonged to the medieval pirate Klaus Störtebeker has been stolen from a museum in Hamburg, Germany. [Thx @deep470] "We are all very upset about the theft," museum director Lisa Kosok said in the press release. "We very much hope that it will either be returned or found." The museum

Fragment of pioneer’s skull found in Wyoming

A skull fragment which may have belonged to a pioneer on the Oregon trail has been found in Wyoming. It's not uncommon for burial sites to be discovered along the Oregon, California and Mormon trails, according to Rick Weathermon, senior research scientist with the university's Department of Anthropology. He can recall about

Ned Kelly’s skull to be examined

A farmer in Australia claims to have the outlaw Ned Kelly's skull. Farmer Tom Baxter, from Western Australia's remote northern Kimberley region, handed the skull to Heritage Victoria on Wednesday, symbolically marking the 129th anniversary of Kelly's hanging. Mr Baxter claims to have had the skull since it was stolen from the