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Remains of Napeoleon’s troops unearthed in Germany

The remains of 200 of Napoleon's soldiers who died in 1813 have been unearthed during a construction project in Frankfurt. “We estimate that about 200 people were buried here,” Olaf Cunitz, the city’s head of town planning, said on Thursday, talking at the site in Frankfurt’s western Rödelheim district. He said

English Civil War mass grave found

Construction work in Durham, England, has led to the discovery of a mass grave containing between 17-28 Scottish soldiers who were taken prisoner after the Battle of Dunbar in 1650. The Battle of Dunbar was one of the most brutal, bloody and short battles of the 17th Century civil wars. In

Remains of US Marines found on Pacific atoll

The remains of 36 marines who died during WWII have been found on the Pacific atoll of Tarawa. Remote sensing devices, ground penetrating radar and even a cadaver dog were also used to find the missing marines, he said. "Each one of those individuals had an expectation that if they were to

Ancient soldiers suffered from PTSD

New research has revealed that ancient soldiers also suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). This paper, entitled Nothing New Under the Sun: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders in the Ancient World, gives evidence that much earlier traumas were suffered in Mesopotamia (ancient Iraq) during the Assyrian Dynasty (1300-609 BC). These instances were explained

Remains of WWI soldier unearthed in France

The remains of a young German soldier has been found in northeastern France. Equipment buried with the soldier, who died nearly 100 years ago and is believed to have been aged between 20 and 25, made it possible to identify him as a member of the German forces. The remains were discovered

2,500-year-old battle wound X-rayed

A musculoskeletal and body imaging radiologist has X-rayed a 2,500-year-old arrow-pierced arm bone that belonged to a Greek soldier. There was a barbed component to the arrowhead that could not be seen with the naked eye. The full extent of the remaining arrowhead could now be seen and was seated superficially

Remains of British soldier found in the Netherlands

The remains of a British soldier who died during a battle in 1799 has been found in a sand dune in the Netherlands. For more than two centuries, the remains of a soldier lay undisturbed on a windy beach in the northern Netherlands. But in March 2011, birdwatchers discovered bones and metal

Medieval skeleton may have belonged to warrior

Bones found in a medieval cemetery in England may belong to a soldier who was killed during the Battle of Lewes in 1264. Most of the skeletons show signs of leprosy and other medieval diseases, but Skeleton 180 is different. The skull has been hacked with a sword and was buried near