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Unknown medieval complex found in England

A mysterious collection of medieval buildings, with no known trace in the historical record, has been unearthed on a farm in Somerset, England. The handsome floor tiles match some from nearby Glastonbury Abbey, suggesting that the site may have had religious connections. But although thousands of monastic foundations were demolished and

3,000-year-old bridge washes away due to flooding in England

A 3,000-year-old stone bridge known at the Tarr Steps in Somerset, England, has washed away due to heavy flooding. The River Barle in Somerset swelled so much that it destroyed the ‘Tarr Steps’ – a Grade I listed ancient monument formed of massive stones weighing up to two tons apiece. The

Renovating couple uncover medieval mural

A couple renovating their home in Somerset uncovered a 20ft high medieval mural of King Henry VIII behind a wall. The painting is thought to date back to around 1530, although the identity of the artist is not known. Michael Liverside, of the History of Art department at Bristol University, described the

Hobbyist finds horde of 52,000+ Roman coins

A metal detectorist has found a huge cache of Roman coins buried in a field in Somerset. The coins were found in a huge jar just over a foot (30cm) below the surface by Dave Crisp, from Devizes in Wiltshire. "I have made many finds over the years, but this

17th century toilet found at Taunton Castle

The remains of a 17th century privy, possibly used by 'Hanging' Judge Jeffreys, has been uncovered at Taunton Castle in Somerset. As well as the 17th Century toilet, several even older features have been uncovered. It is belived the loo was built when the castle was used for the Bloody Assizes in