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Were humans killing ground sloths in South America 30,000 years ago?

New evidence suggests that humans were killing giant ground sloths 30,000 years ago in South American, 15 thousand years before most scientists agree humans arrived in the area. "South America played an exceptionally important role in the peopling of the Americas, and I'm pretty sure we have some significant surprises waiting

Humans arrived in South America 22,000 years ago

Stone tools found at a rock-shelter in Brazil suggest that people inhabited South America 22,000 years ago, long before the Clovis hunters spread through North America 13,000 years ago. “We have new, strong evidence that the Clovis-first model is out of date,” Lahaye says. Among other South American locations proposed as human

South American head-hunting proved true by shrunken head

Genetic analysis performed on a shrunken head proves that accounts of head-hunting in South America were true. "The shrunken head we studied was made from a real human skin," Kahila Bar-Gal said. "The people who made it knew exactly how to peel the skin from the skull, including the hair," she

Early Americans colonized Easter Island

Genetic evidence has revealed that early South Americans helped colonize Easter Island. Genetics, archaeology and linguistics all show that as a whole, Polynesia was colonised from Asia, probably from around Taiwan. The various lines of evidence suggest people began migrating east around 5500 years ago, reached Polynesia 2500 years later, before

Footage of human headshrinking ceremony in South America

National Geographic has come across the only known footage of an actual human headshrinking ceremony in South America. Warning, the above video might be a bit graphic for some. You don't see the actual severed head (except in a recreation and in shrunken form), but you see the skin from it