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Musket ball found at Revolutionary War site

A lead musket ball found at a battlefield in Charleston, South Carolina may suggest the location of a Revolutionary War-era trench. They found a tiny lead ball lodged in the soil Thursday afternoon that archaeologists determined was shot by a musket — a type of gun used in the Siege of

Civil War-era cannonballs uncovered by Hurricane Matthew

16 Civil War-era cannonballs have been found on Folly Island in South Carolina, the day after Hurricane Matthew swept through the area. A pile of Civil War-era cannonballs was uncovered by Hurricane Matthew after it lashed South Carolina with strong waves and high winds over the weekend. But rather than preserve

Outlines of 16th-century fort found in South Carolina

The outlines of the 16th-century fort San Marcos has been found using ground penetrating radar. Five centuries ago, two Spanish warships sailed to a marsh bank in the Lowcountry, a coastal jungle haunted by panthers, bison, elk and people the sailors considered savages. The bank was a foothold into the New

Revolutionary War battlefield discovered in South Carolina

Archaeologists working in South Carolina believe they have found the site of the Battle of Port Royal Island, fought on February 3, 1779. A Lowcountry archaeologist and other history buffs say they’ve uncovered the site, and they plan to reveal its location to the public soon — with plans to turn

Revolutionary War tunnel preserved in South Carolina

Archaeologists and firefighters are working to preserve a siege tunnel in South Carolina that dates back to the Revolutionary War. In 1781 Patriots built the tunnel with the plan to burrow underneath the British-controlled Star Fort and plant explosives. And now in 2014, Greenwood firefighter Russel Cline climbed through the tunnel with

Civil War POW camp to be excavated

Archaeologists in South Carolina are getting ready to excavated Camp Asylum, a state mental hospital which was used as a POW camp for two months during the Civil War. The 1,200 men weren’t held there long, just two months. But period drawings from what was called Camp Asylum show where they

Colonial cemetery unearthed in South Carolina

37 sets of human remains, thought to belong to slaves, have been unearthed during a renovation project on an auditorium in Charleston, South Carolina. Poplin studied land records and other historical documents to determine that the 37 people were likely associated with colonial owners of the property as slaves or indentured

37 colonial-era graves found in Charleston

Construction work in downtown Charleston, South Carolina, has uncovered 37 graves which are believed to date back to the colonial era. "It's very interesting," said Poplin. "If the date of the burials is what we think they are -- the early 18th century -- it would be the earliest group of