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Ancient canine remains unearthed in South Dakota

A number of ancient canine bones have been found at the Mitchell village site in South Dakota. Perri said the Mitchell site is interesting because it allows researchers to learn about dog species before European breeds were introduced, and the vast amount of canine material shows Native Americans in the village

Thousand-year-old butchered bison found in South Dakota

The remains of a butchered bison dating back 1,000 years has been found at a put in South Dakota. It is unusual to find large portions of the animals still in tact, said Alan Outram, professor of archaeological science at the University of Exeter, located in South West England, United Kingdom.

Intact ancient pot found in South Dakota

An intact post has been found at the Mitchell Prehistoric Indian Village near Lake Mitchell in South Dakota. "This is a really big finding," she said. "Especially when we consider that everything else has been broken." The pot is tiny, measuring only a few inches wide and it will require further testing.

Construction unearths human remains and scraping tool

Construction in South Dakota has unearthed 700-year-old bones as well as a scraping tool. Fosha said further analysis by a physical anthropologist will likely be done to determine the ethnic origin and age of the bones. The scraping tool found at the site will also be analyzed, but Fosha said there may

South Dakota construction unearths remains

The remains of a woman who lived between 800 and 1,500 years ago were uncovered during construction in South Dakota. Police Lt. Don Everson tells The Daily Republic newspaper that an archaeologist with the South Dakota State Historical Society determined that the bones belong to a female who lived between 800