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Temple dedicated to Poseidon found in Bulgaria

Archaeologists working in Sozopol, Bulgaria, have uncovered a large, well-preserved altar dedicated to the Greek god Poseidon.He said that the numerous pieces of marble found during excavations indicate that after the declaration of Christianity as the official religion of the Roman empire in 330 CE, the emperor’s order to destroy

Erotic Greek vase fragments found in Bulgaria

Excavations in Sozopol, Bulgaria, have turned up fragments of a Greek vase painted with erotic scenes. Sorry I couldn't find a better pic! According to a preliminary analysis of the style, the painting was made by one of the prominent artists in Apollonia – the Artist of the Running Satyr. The painting

Golden artifacts found outside Bulgarian fortress

A gold ring and golden leaf from a wreath have been unearthed outside the fortress gate of Sozopol in Bulgaria. The ring has a semi-precious stone and most probably dates back to the Roman era (first to the fourth century CE). The golden leaf from a wreath dates back to the