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200 Spanish Civil War mass graves unearthed

A team of forensic experts, anthropologists and archaeologists have unearthed 200 Spanish Civil War mass graves in Spain and have exhumed the bodies of 4,800 people. "As long as the families want us to, we will search for them," said Etxeberria at a conference held during the Apr. 23-30 8th

Robert Capa photo a fake?

A Spanish newspaper is claiming that the famous Robert Capa photograph of a soldier being killed during the Spanish Civil War was set up. The latest claims however indicate that the pictures were taken 30miles (50km) away from any fighting, and seem to be worthy of further examination. The Spanish newspaper

Spanish Civil War bodies exhumed

Seven bodies have been removed from Spanish Civil War graves for official identification. Archaeologists recovered the remains, belonging to men executed by supporters of Gen Francisco Franco in 1936. This could be the first of thousands of official exhumations that have been the focus of a lengthy legal wrangle. The matter of exhumations