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Spanish shipwreck found in the Philippines

An old Spanish shipwreck has been found off Culasi Point in Roxas City, Philippines. Ricafrente noted that divers from the National Museum and Coast Guard Special Operations Group (CGSOG) went to the area 110 feet below sea level and conducted an underwater archeological survey that included photo documentation and sample retrieval

16th century Spanish artifacts unearthed in Georgia, USA

16th-century glass beads and tools have been found under a former Native American village in Georgia. A continent and five centuries away, an excavation organized by Atlanta's Fernbank Museum of Natural History found buried glass beads, iron tools, and brass and silver ornaments dating to the mid-1500s. The southern-Georgia location—where they'd

Spanish skulls grew over 300 year span

An analysis of Spanish skulls spanning 300 years has revealed that while the crania of both sexes grew over that time, female crania grew larger than male ones. This conclusion is based on examinations of more than 200 crania — the part of the skull that holds the brain — contained

Inca skeletons show evidence of Spanish brutality

Wired Science takes a look at some Incan skeletons which show how brutal the Spanish were. Murphy’s team assessed skeletons of 258 Inca individuals, age 15 or older, excavated several years ago at the two cemeteries. In one cemetery, bodies had been hastily deposited in shallow graves. One-quarter of 120

Florida pottery may be clue to lost Spanish colony

Pottery found in St. Augustine, Florida, may be a clue to finding a lost Spanish colony in the Solomon Island. Three years after St. Augustine was founded, Alvara de Mendana, nephew of the governor of Peru, set out with two ships and 150 soldiers and sailed west to find gold and

Bronze cannon discovered near Trinidad

A group of lobster fishermen working the waters off the coat of Trinidad pulled up a bronze cannon near the site of a colonial ship they discovered last year. The cannon is 2 meters long, weighs 645 kilograms and was cast on June 18, 1777 in Seville, Spain, according to an