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Glass spearhead found on Australian island

A spearhead made of green glass has been found on the Australian prison island of Rottnest. A bright green glass spearhead believed to have been made by Aboriginal prisoners on Rottnest Island 100 years ago has been discovered by students during a university excursion. Professor Len Collard from The University of Western

Bronze Age weapons found in Scotland

3,000-year-old swords and spearheads have been found on the Isle of Coll in Scotland. Jill Harden, RSPB Scotland Reserves Archaeologist, said: “This is the first discovery of this size from Argyll for many years. The items were recovered from what had once been a freshwater loch. It seems that they had

Ancient remains and arrowheads found at construction site in Texas

Humans remains as well as various projectile points have been uncovered at a construction site in Alice, Texas. The bones were found April 3 by archeologists who were doing a survey of the location. They have since been removed from the location and are being protected by an archeologist. The archeologist

Ancient stone tools discovered at construction site in Washington

A contruction site in Washington has turned into an archaeolgical site that is turning up spear points and arrowheads dating back nearly 9,000 years. State historic preservation officer Allyson Brooks told The Herald of Everett it's one of the most significant sites in the states. A survey for a housing development in

Variety of treasures found in United Arab Emirates

Archaeologists in Umm Al Quwain, one of the United Arab Emirates, have discovered a variety of treasures ranging from 5,000 year old pottery, to bronze spreadheads from the first millennium BC. The team also found a number of iron tridents, known to have been used in the first century BC. Some

Maryland archaeologists uncover ancient Native American site

Archaeologists searching for clues about Native American settlements in Anne Arundel County have hit a trove of pottery, arrowheads and perhaps even the remnants of a wigwam near Jug Bay. The only problem is, they haven't hit their specific target: evidence of the Middle Woodland Period settlement from roughly zero to