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Ancient spider rock art found in Egypt

Archaeologists working in Egypt have found the only known depictions of spider rock art in the entire Old World. he rock panel, now in two pieces, was found on the west wall of a shallow sandstone wadi, or valley, in the Kharga Oasis, located in Egypt's western desert about 108 miles

50-million-year-old mite found on spider’s back

Close examination of a spider trapped in amber has revealed a hitchhiker: a 50-million-year-old mite. From the outside of the amber, the mite looks like a tiny bubble. It is so small, about 0.008 inches (.2 millimeters) long, normal microscopes and techniques aren't powerful enough to take a close look at

Massive fossilized spider found in China

The fossilized remains of a huge spider, whose legs spanned up to 15cm, has been found in China, making it the largest known fossilized spider. Today's Nephila species are found around the globe in tropical and sub-tropical regions. Until this new fossil turned up in Inner Mongolia, the most ancient example from

Ethiopian amber preserves 95-million-year-old insects

Discovery News has posted a nice photo gallery showing ants, wasps, spiders and other organisms which were trapped in amber 95-million-years ago in Ethiopia.  It's believed that angiosperms and many insects, such as ants, co-evolved. No pollinating insects were found in the amber, suggesting that flowering plants were still rare

Computers brings 300 million-year-old spider fossils back to life

Using CT scans of the fossils of 300 million-year-old spiders, scientists have created 3D mdoels of the ancient arachnids. Scientists used a CT scan to generate three dimensional images of two of the creatures, Cryptomartus hindi and Eophrynus prestivicii. Both were around the size of a 50p piece and they lived during