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Translated 3rd-century document describes fixed wrestling match

A piece of Egyptian papyrus dating back to the 3rd century A.D. has been translated, revealing details about a plot to fix a wrestling match. Researchers have deciphered a Greek document that shows an ancient wrestling match was fixed. The document, which has a date on it that corresponds to the

Excavations to begin on Roman necropolis underneath rugby stadium

Excavations are set to begin on a 2,000-year-old necropolis which sits underneath the Stadio Faminio in Italy. The archaeologist stares down into the enormous hole that edges up to the back of Rome's rugby stadium and gestures helplessly. "Make no mistake, this Roman necropolis we have found stretches right under the

Serpent head sculptures found at Mayan ball court

Two 1,500-year-old sculptures have been found at the ballgame courts in the Mayan city of Tonina in Chiapas. This discovery allows the consolidation of the hypotheses of how this ritual place looked like in the Prehispanic age; due to its architectural position it is the one that resembles more the

Original rules of basketball up for auction

The original rules of basketball, written by James Naismith 119 years ago, are expected to fetch millions at auction. It's been nearly 119 years since James Naismith wrote down 13 rules for a new game he devised as a way to give youths at a Massachusetts YMCA an athletic activity

Roman charioteers earned more than today’s athletes

Back in the day Roman charioteers would earn way more than today's top athletes. While golfer Tiger Woods was heralded last year as the first athlete to earn over $1 billion, the figure would apparently have been small beer for the fearless entertainers of the Circus Maximus. One charioteer, named

Ring fort may have been Bronze Age sports arena

A survey of Rathnadrinna Fort in Ireland shows that it may have been a Bronze Age sports arena. A mysterious ring fort in Co Tipperary holds “massive potential for discoveries” according to archaeologists who have carried out the first survey of the site. Their initial findings suggest that the

Could a human beat a Tyrannosaurus Rex in arm wrestling?

Popsci answers an incredibly awesome question. “Doesn’t matter,” Conrad says. “There’s no chance that any human alive could win.” The T. rex’s arms might have looked wimpy, but they were extremely strong. Each was about three feet long and, based on the size of the arm bones and analysis of the

Six ancient sports too awesome for the modern world

Cracked, purveyor of fun lists, has compiled a list of six ancient sports that are "too awesome for the modern world". Remember that game Battleship? It's not exactly the kind of game you can fill a stadium with, let alone a lunch-table. The Romans were well aware of this, which is