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16th-century remains found in FLorida

Human remains, believed to belong to settlers to arrived in Florida in the 16th century, have been found in St. Augustine, Florida. Halbirt said the remains buried underneath Charlotte Street near King Street could date back to the 1500s. “The possibility exists that some of the original settlers here in St. Augustine

19th-century well found in St. Augustine, Florida

A well, house walls and a hearth have been found at the site of the Mill Top Tavern in St. Augustine, Florida. “It’s a coquina stone well. ... It’s a nice little residential well that would have been used by a family,” Halbirt said. Halbirt said the archaeological deposits found on the

17th-century church excavated in Florida

A mission church dating back to 1677 has undergone excavation in St. Augustine, Florida. The church is believed to be part of the Nombre De Dios Mission, which was the longest lasting mission in the Southeast dating back to 1587, said Gifford Waters, a researcher for the Florida Museum of Natural

Musket recovered from 18th century shipwreck

Archaeologists working off the coast of Florida have salvaged a musket, sword and bottleneck from an 18th century shipwreck. The three artifacts, raised from about 30 feet underwater, were stuck together and covered with a buildup of sand, shell particles and coral after years of corrosion under water. They were found at

Remains of colonial fort found in Florida

The remains of a wooden fort dating back to colonial times has been unearthed in St. Augustine, Florida. St. Augustine's city archaeologist, Carl Halbirt, says post holes and soil stains at the site indicate it may be one of the area's earliest wooden forts. Also discovered at the site are intact glass

Construction at Pirate & Treasure Museum turns up treasure

Construction of a wheelchair ramp at the Pirate & Treasure Museum in St. Augustine, Florida, has turned up artifacts that date back to the 18th century. A battered piece of bronze is the most significant item found so far, says John Powell of the Colonial Spanish Quarter Living History Museum.

Mission-era Native American home found in Florida

The wall of a home, at least 300 years old, where a family of Native Americans lived as part of the mission community of Nombre de Dios has been found in the Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park in St. Augustine, Florida. A midden, or shell heap, about 40 feet long

CAT scan reveals 200-year-old gun found in shipwreck concretion

A CAT scan performed on a concretion recovered from a shipwreck off of St. Augustine, Florida, has revealed a flintlock pistol inside. lagler Hospital Imaging Center's CAT scanner found a well-preserved flintlock pistol with scrollwork on a wooden or ivory butt still visible after 200-plus years of submergence. Once restored, one