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Ancient bread stamp uncovered in Israel

An ancient ceramic stamp used to mark kosher bread has been found in Akko in Israel. From the Byzantine period, the stamp is called a "bread stamp," as it was used to identify baked goods; this one, in particular, probably belonged to a bakery supplying kosher bread to the Jews of

DNA from Amelia Earhart’s saliva to help solve mystery?

DNA extracted from dried spit found on old envelopes belonging to Amelia Earhart could help researchers solve the mystery of what happened to the pilot. To get at the DNA-containing saliva, Yang, the geneticist, will first carefully steam the seals open. Yang is aiming to gather two kinds of DNA from the

Rare stamp sells for $580,000 at auction

One of Britain's rarest stamps has sold for just over $580,000 at auction. The 1904 6d Pale Dull Purple (I.R. Official) was sold to an anonymous private buyer by Stanley Gibbons Investment. The stamp was issued on 14 March 1904, but was withdrawn almost immediately after issue. Only 19 sheets

The most valuable thing in existence by weight and volume

A Swedish stamp from 1885 is expected to fecth over $7 million at auction, making it the most valuable thing in existence by weight and volume! It only survives today thanks to a 14-year-old Swedish schoolboy who rescued it from his grandmother's rubbish bin in 1885 and sold it