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Remains of 5 individuals killed in battle found under castle

The remains of five people have been found under the Royal Chapel at Stirling Castle in Scotland, including a woman "Amazon" killed by a warhammer during the Wars of Independence. Peter Yeoman, Historic Scotland's head of cultural heritage, said yesterday that the new discoveries about the grim fate of the lady

First records found of Africans at Stirling Castle

Evidence has been found of Africans being present at Stirling Castle as early as the 1540s. John Harrison found references to morys - or moors - in the "Bread Book", a record of who received loaves from the royal kitchens in 1549. The book may be the first clear record of Africans

Minstrels’ harp music found etched in Scottish castle

The markings found on a set of giant 16th century medallions in Stirling Castle have been found to be the oldest written instrumental music in Scotland. Mr Donaldson found a sequence of '0's, 'I's and 'II's carved round the edge of head number 20, which bears the image of a woman's