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Five ancient shipwrecks found in Sweden

Five shipwrecks dating from the 1500s to the 1700s have been found in central Stockholm. "The discoveries shed light on the naval shipyard where among others the royal warship Vasa was built and on various periods of the city's history," the museum said. The ships are in good condition, with several of

No king found in suspected king’s tomb

Archaeologists working in Stockholm, Sweden, have found the remains of nine people in a tomb previously thought to have belonged to King Magnus Ladulås who lived in the 13th century A.D. The Swedish King Magnus Ladulås (1240-1290 a.d.) is buried in the Riddarholmen church (Riddarholmskyrkan) in Gamla Stan, Stockholm. This is

17th century ship found near Stockholm hotel

A ship dating back to the 1600s has been found near a hotel in central Stockholm. "The discovery of the wreck is extremely interesting given the place where it was made," Maritime Museum Director Hans-Lennarth Ohlsson said in a statement from the Stockholm museum's website. "There was a naval shipyard