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Stolen Olmec carving recovered in France

A 3,000-year-old Olmec carving which was stolen from Mexico more than 40 years ago has been recovered in Paris, France. The Olmec carving dating to around 900 B.C. had been chipped off the rock face sometime between the arrival of an archaeological team in 1968 and 1972, when the team returned

Statues stolen from Sudan museum

Three statues dating back to 450 B.C. have been stolen from a museum in northern Sudan. Their disappearance underscores the lack of protection afforded Sudan's rich but under-developed archaeological heritage. "They are small statues, about 10-15cm high but it's very significant because the Napatan kingdom is one of the important periods in

Fresco stolen from House of Neptune in Pompeii

A portion of a small fresco, depicting Artemis and Apollo has been chipped away and stolen from the House of Neptune in Pompeii. Citing an employee at the world's largest open-air museum, newspapers Il Mattino and Il Messaggero said the fresco portion, measuring roughly 20x20 cm, has been missing from the

Armed men plunder Leiden University archaeological finds

A collection of artifacts gathered over the past 25 years by researchers from Leiden University has been plundered by a group of armed men in Syria. None of the researchers know what the damage is, because they are unable to personally go to the site where the depots are located due

WWII Veteran searches for stolen Medal of Honor

In 1945 Arthur J. Jackson took out 12 bunkers and killed almost 50 soldiers during a battle in the South Pacific. His feat earned a Medal of Honor which he left on his bed before going out for an evening. When he returned, however, it was gone, and now 70

Artifacts and coins stolen from Pakistan Buddhist site

Various artifacts from the Gandhara civilization, including ancient coins, have been stolen from a mound near the Mohra Moradu Buddhist monastery in Pakistan. It has been learnt that a gang of influential treasure hunters carried out illegal digging at a mound in village Tofukian located near Taxila and recovered different antiquities

Egyptian sphinx statue recovered by Italian police

Police in Italy have recovered a 2,000-year-old Egyptian sphinx statue which was looted from the Etruscan necropolis of Montem Rossulum. "The investigation began with a random check of an industrial vehicle during which police found a decorative ceramic object from an excavation as well as many photos of the Egyptian sculpture,"

Stolen child mummy returned to Peru

The stolen 700-year-old mummy of a toddler has finally been returned to Peru after being seized by Bolivian police two years ago. Experts determined it was an original but found that one of its legs had been added later presumably by the smugglers who wanted to raise its value. Experts have not