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Stone axe made by child found in Norway

A discarded flake axe found at a Mesolithic site in Norway was made by a child learning how to make the tool. Both the body and the edge of the axe had been damaged by a succession of failed strokes. Finally, it had been impossible to correct the repeated errors, and

What are Stone Age axes doing in Iron Age tombs?

Iron Age tombs have been found in Norway containing Stone Age artifacts, prompting archaeologists to ask how they got there. The researchers say that people back in the Iron Age had a conscious relationship to objects from earlier times that connected them to their past. "People probably considered old

Neolithic stoneware found in Southern Tibet

Neolithic axes, adzes and chisels have been found in Southern Tibet. Experts of the Shaanxi Provincial Archeology Research Institute and the Tibet Autonomous Regional Cultural Relics Research Institute judged that the stonewares belonged to the Neolithic Age and that the river banks where the stoneware were found saw frequent human activities