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Ancient stone circle found in southern England

A 112-foot diameter stone circle has been found in southwestern England. Situated 525 metres (1,722ft) above sea level, the ancient site is the first stone circle to be found on Dartmoor for more than a century. The circle is the second largest on the moor and archaeologists believe it was probably part

Syria’s Stonehenge

In what is shaping up to be an incredible find, neolithic stone circles, alignments and possible tombs have been discovered in the Syrian Desert. [Thx Saturn] Dr. Mason explains that he “went for a walk” into the eastern perimeter of the site - an area that hasn’t been explored

Stonehenge’s little sister: Bluehenge

Archaeologists have discovered another stone circle, called 'Bluehenge', a mile away from Stonehenge. The find is already challenging conventional wisdom about how Stonehenge was built - and what it was used for. Bluehenge was put up 5,000 years ago - around the same time as work began on Stonehenge - and appears