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Prehistoric artifacts and burials discovered in Wiltshire

Construction work at a military base located near Stonehenge has uncovered prehistoric artifacts and burials. Six trenches were excavated and revealed archaeological features cut into the natural chalk geology, ranging in date from the prehistoric period through to the Second World War. Ruth Panes, the project manager for Wessex Archaeology, said: “Of

Ceremonial site discovered near Stonehenge

A ceremonial site dating back to 3650 B.C. has been found near Stonehenge. The remains, which were discovered during archaeological excavations ahead of construction of new services accommodation, are of a Neolithic enclosure, a major ceremonial gathering place measuring about 200m in diameter. So far pottery, worked flint, animal bones and human

Domesticated dog tooth found near Stonehenge

The 7,000-year-old tooth of a domesticated dog has been found at Blick Mead, the oldest known settlement in the area around Stonehenge. Scientific investigation of a dog’s tooth found at a site one mile from Stonehenge has thrown up a number of exciting discoveries, said archaeologist David Jacques, who leads the

Stonehenge wasn’t that hard to build after all

Some experiential research carried out by University College London has found that moving Stonehenge's large stones required far less effort than was expected. In fact the one tonne stone whizzed along the make-shift silver birch track when pulled by just 10 people, moving at around 10 feet every five seconds –

Badger uncovered 4,000-year-old burial near Stonehenge

The Bronze Age burial of an archer has been discovered after a badger dug up a cremation urn. Objects found in a burial mound at Netheravon, Wiltshire, include a bronze saw, an archer's wrist guard, a copper chisel and cremated human remains. Experts believe the burial may have been that of an

Stonehenge quarries identified in Wales

The origin of Stonehenge's bluestones have been traced back to outcrops of natural pillars at Carn Geodog and Craig Rhos-y-felin in the Preseli Hills of Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, in Wales.The very large standing stones at Stonehenge are of ‘sarsen’, a local sandstone, but the smaller ones, known as ‘bluestones’,

Mesolithic dwelling found near Stonehenge

A Stone Age dwelling has been found a mile away from Stonehenge in England. The ground-breaking discovery of a Stone Age “eco” home – the oldest sign of settlement yet found in the Stonehenge landscape – could be under threat if controversial Government-backed plans for a tunnel go through the ancient