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Floods uncover archaeological sites in England

A volunteer army has been put together to examine archaeological sites uncovered by storms and flooding in Britain. The volunteers will be trained to help record information and use a web-based system to co-ordinate information on finds. Every storm and flood tide of this long winter has washed archaeology out of thousands

The worst hurricanes in history

With Hurricane Sandy bearing down on the East Coast of North America and cities preparing for the inevitable damage, the National Weather Service has published a list of the worst tropical storms in US history. This technical memorandum lists the deadliest tropical cyclones in the United States during 1851- 2010 and

Tropical Storm Irene reveals human remains

As Tropical Storm Irene blasted through Connecticut it uncovered human remains from what may have been a Native American burial site. Part of Linden Avenue collapsed from the storm and neighbors of a beach there found what they believed were human bones protruding from the embankment that the storm eroded and called Branford

Searching for ancient hurricanes

Here is a cool story about paleotempestology, the study of ancient storms. A sea turtle bone protruded from the wall of an archaeological excavation at the Pineland Site Complex on Pine Island. That bone, along with other evidence found in the pit, might prove that an intense hurricane pounded the island 1,700